Mumbai institute of Spine Surgery is a one roof premium spine care centre functioning in varied parts /States of country including Mumbai, Goregaon, Raipur, Bhopal, Jaipur and Shahdol . Mumbai institute of spine surgery provides its Out patient services under the brand of SPINE CLINIC and offers out patient services, counselling, consultation, day care procedures like minimal invasive spine surgery for slip disc/ herniated disc/key hole spine surgery, injection block for various spinal ailments and physiotherapy etc .

Spine Clinic,functional at Bombay Hospital in Mumbai (and at various locations in country-jaipur, bhopal, raipur, shahdol ) is a one roof centre for integral services to various spinal ailments. Mumbai Institute of Spine surgery is a institutional approach to deliver spine care services for varied spinal ailments by a dedicated team of we’ll trained spine professionals .

The services include :

  • Outpatient consultation services – by a team of internationally trained spine specialists Dr Vishal Kundnani &Spine Team

  • In patient care for patients requiring hospitalization + observation /medical care for various spinal ailments .

  • Emergency services for spinal trauma patients – available 24 * 7 at Spine clinic , Bombay Hospital

  • Diagnostic services including laboratory tests, CT scan,, MRI Scan – 3 tesla machine – done with prior appointments.

  • Physiotherapy services by a dedicated team of physiotherapists with advanced rehabilitation concepts on outpatient basis and for post operative inpatient rehabilitation.

  • The surgeries routinely performed at Mumbai Institute of spine surgery

Dr Vishal Kundnani Consultant Spinal Surgeon at Bombay Hospital ; Director of Mumbai institute of spine surgery and SPINE CLINIC, Bombay Hospital; is one of the best spine surgeons in India. He heads the SPINE CLINIC- Centre for spinal reconstruction and minimal invasive spine surgery at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, Shree Narayana Hospital Raipur, Bhopal Fracture Hospital Bhopal and SK SONI HOSPITAL,JAIPUR. Having completed his basic qualifications from Bhopal, Jaipur he has been trained invarious renowned spinal centres of repute across the globe such as S.M.S Hospital, Jaipur. Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai, KEM Hospital Mumbai, National University Hospital Singapore, Seoul National University hospital, Korea, Hokkaido National University Hospital, Japan and Women’s and Children hospital, Australia.