Mumbai institute of spine surgery– M.I.S.S (Mumbai spine surgery)) delivers spine care services including Out patient consultations (OPD session), Spine surgery for various spinal disorders, Minimal invasive spine surgery, key hole spine surgery, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, physiotherapy ,spinal fusion , scoliosis correction surgery, Kyphosis , Spinal Tuberculosis stabilization surgery, decompressions for nerve compression, disc replacement surgery, cervical spine surgery etc.

Consultation /out outpatient services are provided with prior appointment only at SPINE CLINIC by Dr Vishal Kundnani,Senior Spine Specialist, Head Spine Clinic.

Spine Clinic services are available in in 4 states in India catering to 50 million people of INDIA with outlets as SPINE CLINIC Mumbai , SPINE CLINIC- Raipur , Spine Clinic – Jaipur and SPINE CLINIC-Bhopal . The services are provided at these centers by a team of committed and proficient under deirect supervision of Dr Vishal Kundnani, senior spine surgeon and head Mumbai Institute of Spine surgery.

SPINE CLINIC – Outpatient department of Mumbai institute of spine surgery, delivers day care spinal services like consultations for various spinal disorders like BACK PAIN, NECK PAIN, LOCKED BACK, SLIP DISC ,SCIATICA, DISK HERNIATION, SPINAL STENOSIS, SPONDYLOLISTHESIS, SCOLIOSIS,KYPHOSIS , SPINAL T.B (TUBERCULOSIS) ,SPINAL TRAUMA/FRACTURE , OSTEOPOROSIS

The team of Spine Clinic involves Spine surgeons ,Orthopaedic surgeons Physiotherapists , Occupational Therapists ,Chiroparacters , Pain management specialists and counselors