[vc_nested_accordion top_margin=”page_margin_top” active=”1″ el_position=”last”][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”You need spine surgery only when you have back pain ?” tab_id=”accordiontab-notifications-cras_rutrum”]Leg pain, especially when walking or standing up, can be a symptom of problems with your spine impinging or “pinching” nerve roots. If you do experience leg pain, then it’s important to visit a physician for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Back pain is an acceptable side effect of aging and does not require any treatment ?” tab_id=”accordiontab-notifications-donec_fermentum”]Back pain can affect any person regardless of age. Also, there are treatment options to lessen or helps you get rid of back pain. Consult a physician for a diagnosis and options for treatment. Timely and accurate diagnosis paramount for successful implementation of back or spine treatment therapies. [/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”After spine surgery, you will be bed ridden ?” tab_id=”accordiontab-notifications-aenean_faucibus”]
Each patient will have a specific recovery plan prescribed by the doctor. It’s imperative to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully as this will help in a speedy recovery. Depending on the type of surgery and patient’s health, one can resume normal activities soon after the surgery.[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Spine surgery is expensive ?” tab_id=”accordiontab-notifications-donec_pilvinar”]Since back pain is the leading cause for the years lived with disability in India, the return to health is paramount. If your symptoms are severe enough to warrant surgery, keep in mind that new technologies have advanced spine surgery. Specifically regarding minimally invasive spine surgery, the length of stay in a hospital is less than a standard “open” approach spine surgery, thus lowering the overall expense of the surgery. In addition, Medtronic offers innovative financing schemes to assist with the cost of the surgery.[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Only obese people, not skinny will have back pain ?”]

Anyone can suffer from back pain regardless of weight or size. It’s important to visit a physician for a diagnosis and treatment relief plan.

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With every medical procedure,there are risks. However, spine surgery has advanced treatment options that can help to minimize the risks. Surgeons can now use image-guide surgical instrumentation that provides better visualization of inside the body. This instrumentation provides the surgeon more information to treat the symptoms and can help improve accuracy of the surgical treatment.

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Recently there have been advancements in how older patients receive spinal surgery. Minimally invasive surgical techniques have shown less muscle splitting and blood loss compared to standard, open techniques. This technique can allow faster recovery and return to normal activities sooner. The MIS technique benefits not only the elderly but also younger patients.