Its a minimal invasive spine surgery where a fragment of herniated disc is removed to free the nerves and nerves are decompressed using microscope and specialised retractors . This surgery is done for patients with Slip Disc or herniated disc resulting in unilateral or bilateral leg pain symptoms .

Microdiscectomy surgery is a gold standard of discectomy surgery and is very safe with predictable results in range of 99% or more in carefully selected patients. Microdiscectomy is a surgery where a portion of herniated or extruded disc causing nerve compression is removed using microscope . The microscope is used for better magnification nd illumination giving three dimensional visualisation of the nerves increasing safety of surgery .

The advantages of microdiscectomy over conventional discectomy are

• Minimal surgical scars
• Little or no blood loss
• Better cosmesis
• Reduced trauma to the body
• Less post-operative pain
• Fewer complications
• Shorter hospitalization, Faster return to daily activities
• Quicker recovery time
• No long term morbidity
• Small incisions

This surgery is done as a day care surgery where patient is admitted same day and discharged within 24 hours or less with excellent pain relief due to minimum tissue damage during surgery resulting in excellent recovery and return to work .