Covid-19 and Back pain / Neck Pain

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In these times of Covid-19 pandemic which has spanned more than a year already almost all workers and employees have to work to maintain livelihood and drive the country’s progress ahead; and have no option but to work from home. Work from home has immense advantages in breaking the chain of Corona virus spread with benefits of less commute, better working conditions at home, more time to contribute to work with less expenses incurred in managing infrastructure. However Work from home has some major downsides which not only strain physical but also mental well being. Prolonged sitting hours, lack of break hours, poor ergonomics, stress at work and home together combined, and peer pressure to make progress ahead with no provision for exercises or outdoor movement has its own toll on health.

When we think it would be a break from commuting and a less hectic life we saw an outburst of patients with back pain and neck pain and various spine problems. Being home working from the desk instead of making things better have worsened the back pain and neck pain already existing and leading to newer gen and younger generation developing spine issues.

This is because of a variety of reasons beyond just our desk setups. Long working hours make one missing out on their physical activities which they used to get while travelling for work or other day to day activities unless they are maintaining them by exercising at home. Bad sitting postures and less than optimum ergonomic work from home desk setups add on to back pain. Psychological factors like work stress, depression, anxiety has also shown to cause back pain.

These spine issues of back and neck pain can be made better by frequent movements and moving more often out of sitting habits at frequent intervals , chair stretches , stretching and strengthening muscles on daily basis , having a proper posture at work station and destressing yourself by connecting with family and friends on frequent intervals ; albeit virtually.

Walking , exercising , proper diet and proper posture at work along with friends and family time is the key to prevention of common spine issues cropping up in this Covid pandemic. Basics of back care shall help to tide over the spine crisis in these times.