Spine Doctor in Bandra, Mumbai – India – Dr. Vishal Kundnani

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Dr. Vishal Kundnani
MBBS, M.S. (Ortho), F.A.S.S.I, F.N.U.S, FNAMS

    • • Chief Spine Surgeon -Bombay Hospital-Mumbai & Lilavati Hospital & MRC -Mumbai


    • • Head- Centre of Excellence in Spine Surgery, Lilavati Hospital & Medical Research Centre ,Mumbai


    • Director-Mumbai Institute of Spine Surgery ,Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences, Mumbai

Specialist in :

    • • Minimal Invasive Micro endoscopic Spine Surgery


    • • Scoliosis Spine Surgery


    • • Navigation Guided Spine Surgery


    • • Robotic Spine Surgery


    • Craniovertebral Cervical Spine Surgery

Dr Vishal Kundnani -Pioneer in Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery, Complex Advanced spine surgery and Scoliosis Surgery, is amongst the Best spine surgeon in Mumbai and Nationwide . Dr Vishal Kundnani is a distinguished microscopic spine surgery specialist in Lilavati Hospital, Bandra and chief spine surgeon in Bombay Hospital Mumbai for last 15 years . Dr Vishal Kundnani has been a scholar throughout the medical education with Gold medal and Honors in MBBS and Gold medalist with distinction in Post-graduation -MS Orthopedics . Having garnered basic training in india amongst reputed institutes Dr Vishal Kundnani has been extensively trained in spine surgery in various institutes of acclaim internationally .Dr Vishal kundnani flourished his academic comprehension with fellowship training in spine surgery from UK, Singapore, Honk Kong , Malaysia and Australia . Dr Vishal Kundnani has a vast experience of more than 15 years in managing spine patients and is trained in Minimal invasive microscopic spine surgery , Scoliosis surgery , Cervical spine surgery , complex advanced reconstruction spine surgery, and paediatric spine surgery .

Dr Vishal Kundnani is currently serving as the Director of clinical services in spine surgery at Bombay Hospital institute of medical sciences and is chief spine surgeon at Lilavati hospital & Medical research center , Mumbai . Dr Vishal Kundnani has a vast experience of performing more than 7000 spine surgeries in various aspects of minimal invasive spine surgery, microscopic spine surgery , slip disc surgery, cervical spine surgery and scoliosis surgery in india . Dr Vishal Kundnani is specialised in Scoliosis surgery and C1-C2 surgery (Craniovertebral Surgery) with a huge experience in managing complex and advanced spine cases.

Dr Vishal Kundnani is famous and known for his very personal touch and professional methodology with considerate and compassionate approach to patients with a humble and ethical attitude to manage spinal problems. Apart from being specialist in spine surgery, Dr Vishal Kundnani has experience of managing and treating more than 35000 spine patients without surgery who have been suffering with Back pain, Neck pain, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Spinal Tuberculosis (TB Spine) and Slip disc (Herniated disc),Sciatica and Lumbar Canal Stenosis in last 15 years. Humble and humane , compassionate and caring approach for patients with principles of Non-surgical care for such patients is the speciality of Dr Vishal Kundnani at Spine Clinic Mumbai .

Dr Vishal Kundnani is an internationally renowned spine surgery faculty in major international and national organisations and has delivered more than 400 + deliberations to the benefit of young surgeons . Dr Vishal Kundnani has been actively involved into research and academics and has more than 100 + publications in peer reviewed international indexed journals of orthopaedics and spine surgery. Dr Vishal Kundnani has multiple patents in spine instruments and spine implants of to his credit .

Dr Vishal Kundnani is the executive board member to international organisations with organisation and administration skills

    • • Executive board member India- Asia Pacific Spine society ,


    • • Chairman -Education committee (online) Asia Pacific Spine society,


    • • Chairman – Education officer -AO Spine India subcontinent ,


    • • Executive member – Association of spine surgeons of india ,


    • • Executive member – Bombay Spine Society ,


    • • Executive member – Bombay Orthopaedic society ,


    • • Executive member – Minimal invasive spine surgeons of india and


    • • Executive member – Indian orthopaedic association .


    • Joint Editor – IJO, IJS, ASJ ,JCVJS, JMISS , JMISST

Dr Vishal Kundnani has been awarded various awards on international forum as “Best Spine Surgeon in India” Best Spine Surgeon in Mumbai” “ Best Spine Surgeon -Minimal invasive spine surgery” “Best Spine Surgeon- Scoliosis surgery” in survey done by international agencies in years 2022,2021,2020 and 2018 and 2017 .

Dr Vishal kundnani is a sports enthusiast and leads the medical association teams in Basket Ball and cricket. Dr Vishal Kundnani is mountaineer and has completed 6 Himalayan mountain summits of 5000 meters + in greater Himalayas. Dr Vishal kundnani is a keen philanthropist and contributes to the society with his social services, conducts health camps in tribal areas or Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and has performed more than 500 surgeries till date free of charge and delivers services and organises in multi camps yearly for needy .